February 06, 2019

We've recently acquired a new local jewelry designer in Jackson, MS and have thankfully gotten her to sell in our store! We got Casey Jennings of Ponderosa Drive to create a little blurb to introduce herself and we hope you love her and her stuff even more than we do (and we love it a whole lot, as I am wearing the Confetti Joans at this very moment!!)


Hello, all! Welcome to Ponderosa Drive - your new go to for handcrafted clay jewelry. 

Some of you Fondrenites might already know me as Casey Jennings, and to others, you may know me as Cricket, and I’m the one woman show behind Ponderosa Drive. Inspired by my love of all things beautiful, neutral colors, and modern design comes a jewelry line with a name inspired by making “jewelry” with my grandmother in her house on Ponderosa Drive as a kid. I started Ponderosa Drive from my tiny apartment in Fondren in September 2018 with the help of my two unpaid interns (i.e. cats) who are pretty useless in regards to getting things done. Yet despite their lackluster performance, the few months I’ve been in business have been a whirlwind! Between spending weekends making wholesale orders (shoutout to Chane), selling out at rad events like Priced to Move in Midtown, and seeing friends and strangers alike wearing things I made has been a pretty amazing feeling.
All that said, none of this would have been quite the gem it is without quite a few people: Ian Hanson and Bradley Adair for the constant branding tips, inspiration and making jokes even though they are typically at my expense. Also, as hard as I may try, I can’t forget wood working extraordinaire, Charlie Townsend, who powers through making the wooden boards I use to display earrings. 

If you’re interested in following along social media, because it’s 2019 so why not, you can find me here:
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ponderosadrivedesigns/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PonderosaDriveDesigns

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