Rewards | Swell-O-Phonic Rewards Program


Being your one-stop swag shop is why we get up every morning!

With the Swell-O-Points Rewards Program, we are making it easier than EVER to snag those shoes, clothes or accessories before anyone else even knows they exist. 

You earn points that can be redeemed for discounts and special offers with every purchase you make! 

How to earn points:

You can earn points by placing an order, celebrating a birthday, referring our program to your friends, following us on instagram (@swellophonic) and liking or sharing on facebook ( 

Point system: 

Each $ spent gets you 5 Swell-O-Points 

$5 = 500 points

$10 = 1,000 points

$20 = 1,500 points 

Check your Swell-O-Points Balance Here