Project Chane X Mary Ansley Chitwood - Kid

Project Chane X Mary Ansley Chitwood - Who You Calling Kid? 

Over the course of the last 31 years, Project Chane has been its own solo island of design.  Always shying away from outsider input, Project has now taken on a collaborative effort with Tennessee artist Mary Ansley Chitwood.  This co-lab of snark focuses on kids as they proclaim their own styles and taste of fashion... and how it’s stated. The elements of machine, animal and word shape this initial series of designs which will grow in depth with new releases along the way.  All designs are produced by hand on Canvas branded tees in Jackson’s own Studio Chane (circa 1998) and sold exclusively at Swell-O-Phonic +Wilåi (and of course   You will not find reference to cutesie lil sailor outfits, clown suits, or nauseating monograms here, just good ole fashioned authentic KID mentality.  We hope you like... or really just hope they like.

Tee shirt and ink colors may vary.